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As an only woman in her fifties I was really pleased to find a site that really suited my age group and offered me a whole host of members who wanted to share their interests and fantasies with me. Not a single night goes by now where I am not bored

Find mature sex in Cumbria Tara, Cumbria

I have been searching for an adult dating site for some time. It wasn’t exactly a quick decision because there is so much choice on offer, but a few things really clinched the deal to join the security and privacy features, plus their great reputation in the UK.

Fuck an older slag in Doncaster Kat, Doncaster

The thing that really interested me about this over 50 site is the fact they are so open and honest about exactly what they offer here. I knew this site was going to be all about fun, which is exactly what I wanted.

Contact real horny grannies from Leicester Gabby, Leicester

Sort of ended up here as a bit of a drunken random act after breaking up with my older girlfriend. It's actually quite good thought, lol, there are a lot of active members really close to me.

Turn your dirty older woman fetish into a reality Todd, South Glamorgan

It’s great that they moderate all the members that come in here. I have heard some pretty bad stories about other sites that let in scammers and fake users. It’s safe to say every single person I have contacted has turned out to be who they say they are which creates a really sexy and exciting environment.

The best site for mature swinging Beth, Kingston

I am really into old, curvy women and the first member I saw on this site got my attention so I signed up with their free membership trial and was instantly hooked!

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Our horny members share why they love using our dating site

"I have been called a GILF a few times, so when I saw this site, I thought why not? I am actually getting younger guys chatting me up on here than I did on Match!"

Sarah, Cardiff

"Love cuming in older womens mouth. This is the only site I have found that lets me do that so easily! Fucking amazing"

Tom, Bristol

"Free site for women, lots of men who want to have sex with me (and they are actually men of their word to), I have been on for two months and met up with three different guys. I fancy a threesome next, is anyone is up for it?"

Julia, Southhampton

"Been on the site two months and met up with two women to have sex with. Didn't have to travel that far and have always had a thing for women over 60. Really can't complain!"

Pete, Liverpool

"I am a granny that you will want to fuck! Only looking for no strings attached fun tho. Love anal and love giving blowjobs, you wount forget me!"

Fran, Essex

"I used to pay for this old escorts, now I just find women on here. Met up with one who was still married which is a massive turn on for me"

Frank, London

"Love going dogging, I used to be on a dogging site, but this site has a dogging section, perfect for me, I now have the pick of the men to go with!"

Jane, Gloucestershire

"The older the better for me, I fucked an 86 year once, It was probably one of the best orgasms of my life thanks to this site!"

Roger, Glasgow


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